Blockchain and its applications

Blockchain and its applications

Ground rules

  • The below list of topics is a guide, not a fixed list. Anyone can bring his or her proposal
  • At least 1 week before the presentation date a student is required to send me a detailed
    agenda for an approval.
  • Presentation slides need to be prepared in English, however the language of a presentation
    is up to a student
  • Every presentation should include a practical part. This might be a working application
    or a detailed description of some aspects' mechanics (to be agreed for each presentation)

Suggested topics

  • Introduction to Blockchain technology [reservation Oskar W.]
  • Cryptocurrency: Bitcoin [reservation Sławomir G.]
  • Cryptocurrency: Ethereum [reservation Dawid W.]
  • Smart Contracts, Solidity [reservation Radosław M.]
  • P2P networks: introduction [reservation Arleta J.]
  • P2P networks: baseline of Blockchain [reservation Piotr P.]
  • Threats and security of cryptocurrencies [reservation Łukasz K.]
  • Mining pools, P2Pool, Merged Mining
  • Challenges: Consensus [reservation Przemysław L.]
  • Challenges: Scalability [reservation Pablo MGS.]
  • Challenges: Escrow/Multisignature
  • Public, Private/Federated and Permissioned Blockchain
  • Enterprise Blockchain, platforms on the market (e.g. IBM)
  • Use case: Augur
  • Use case: Grid+
  • Use case: Supply Chain
  • Use case: Asset Tracking
  • Use case: Golem
  • Use case: InterPlanetary File System (IPFS) [reservation Piotr Sz.]
  • Use case: NuCypher


Date Topic Presenter Materials
16.10.2018 Nie tylko o kryptowalutach. Blockchain, jego aktualne i przyszłe zastosowania Sławomir Rynkiewicz  
23.10.2018 Introduction to Blockchain technology Oskar W.  
30.10.2018 Cryptocurrency: Bitcoin Sławomir G.  
20.11.2018 Cryptocurrency: Ethereum Dawid W.  
27.11.2018 Smart Contracts, Solidity Radosław M.  
4.12.2018 P2P networks: introduction Arleta J.  
11.12.2018 P2P networks: baseline of Blockchain Piotr P.